Archerfield Airport Corporation joins Greenbird

Archerfield Airport Corporation plans for future growth by joining Greenbird

Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) industry collaboration platform, Greenbird, is pleased to announce the addition of Archerfield Airport Corporation as a founding ecosystem partner.

Archerfield Airport is the largest general and corporate aviation airport in Queensland and serves as Brisbane's metropolitan airport.

Committed to providing appropriate aviation infrastructure for the airport to operate safely, efficiently and to accommodate future growth, Archerfield Airport Corporation has joined Greenbird, in support of Queensland’s emerging AAM ecosystem.

Archerfield Airport General Manager, Rod Parry said, “Archerfield Airport supports the growth of new and emerging technology and opens its doors to the possibility of urban air mobility. Our collaboration with Greenbird aligns with our objectives for the 2032 Brisbane Olympics.”

Located just 11km from Brisbane CBD, Archerfield Airport is situated between the main three zones proposed for the Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games. In such a prime location, Archerfield Airport has the opportunity to play a key role in Brisbane’s AAM transportation network in 2032.

Archerfield Airport Business Manager, Elita Huynh said, “Archerfield Airport Corporation is excited to support the development of AAM in Australia. We believe in the continued investment of research, safety and connectivity for our customers. Our collaboration with Greenbird illustrates our commitment towards new and emerging technology, and a more efficient future for air transportation.”

Archerfield Airport Corporation joins the platform alongside recently announced research institutions and industry experts – Griffith University, Skyports, Nautilus Aviation, Aviator Group and Aviation Projects.

Led by trusted airport and aviation industry advisors, AVISTRA, Greenbird is dedicated to facilitating the entry and growth of the AAM industry in Australia.

Bringing together international expertise and knowledge and local supply chain partners, Greenbird will assist industry and government to work together to drive investment attraction, industry operationalisation, and local capability.

Director of Greenbird, Keith Tonkin said, “With the upcoming 2032 Olympics, there is now a deadline and point of leverage for industry attraction. If action is taken now, Australia could see the deployment of eVTOL operations as early as 2024, with early commercialisation in 2026, early autonomous operations in 2032 and full eco-system maturity expected around 2035.”

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Archerfield Airport was established in the early 1930s, and served as Brisbane's primary and international airport up until 1949. Today, the Airport currently provides facilities for a diverse range of aeronautical and non-aeronautical customers, with over 140 individual businesses located on the airport to support 24-hour operations, 365 days a year. As a general aviation airport with no scheduled airline services, the airport values agility and connectivity for the wider community, its passengers and air operators.

Archerfield Airport Corporation strives to nurture the dynamic potential of Archerfield as an innovative aviation centre, ready for the future.

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Elita Huynh – Airport Business Manager, Archerfield Airport Corporation | | +61 7 3275 8000

Rod Parry – Airport General Manager, Archerfield Airport Corporation | | +61 7 3275 8000


Greenbird is a team of world-leading aviation organisations and incredible Australian businesses, working together to support the establishment of Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) in Australia. Led by experienced and trusted aviation industry advisors, AVISTRA, Greenbird will facilitate collaboration between industry partners, research institutions and government to further the commercialisation of emerging sustainable aviation technologies in Australia.

This best practice approach will result in the development of a safe, integrated and scalable ecosystem that will advance sustainable aviation, drive economic outcomes, and increase community accessibility and engagement.

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