Aviation Projects joins Greenbird

Greenbird strengthens airport planning and aerodrome safeguarding expertise with Aviation Projects

Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) industry collaboration platform, Greenbird, and Aviation Projects are pleased to announce Aviation Projects is formally joining Greenbird as a founding ecosystem partner.

Trusted aviation advisors and aerodrome safeguarding specialists, Aviation Projects is closely tied to the establishment of the Greenbird collaboration platform from inception, with Managing Director Keith Tonkin one of Greenbird’s founders.

Building an ecosystem wide, industry led collaboration, Greenbird aims to facilitate an attractive landscape for investment in Queensland’s AAM ecosystem and assist with the creation of certainty around Government regulatory, policy and investment attraction settings.

Aviation Projects plans to convert ideas into sustainable, cost effective, operationally efficient, technically compliant and future-proofed aviation infrastructure solutions.

Led by trusted airport and aviation industry advisors, AVISTRA, Greenbird is dedicated to facilitating the entry of the AAM industry to Australia.

Bringing together international expertise and knowledge and local supply chain partners, Greenbird will assist industry and government to work together to drive investment attraction, industry operationalisation and local capability.

Managing Director, Aviation Projects, Keith Tonkin said “Joining Greenbird was an opportunity to join other leading organisations in influencing the adoption of emerging aviation technologies in Australia.”

Greenbird Director, Sara Hales said “Aviation Projects’ deep experience in supporting safe aviation operations through aerodrome safeguarding and the protection of operational air space is directly transferrable and highly valuable to the establishment of a safe passenger and cargo advanced air mobility ecosystem. We welcome the extensive knowledge and broad expertise of the Aviation Projects team.”

For more information on Greenbird, please visit: greenbird.aero



Aviation Projects provides trusted advice about airport planning, development and operations and aerodrome safeguarding, with industry leading knowledge and integrity.

Keith Tonkin - Managing Director, Aviation Projects | ktonkin@aviationprojects.com.au | 0417 631 681 | www.aviationprojects.com.au


Greenbird is a team of world-leading aviation organisations and incredible Australian businesses, working together to support the establishment of Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) in Australia. Led by experienced and trusted aviation industry advisors, AVISTRA, Greenbird will facilitate collaboration between industry partners, research institutions and government to further the commercialisation of emerging sustainable aviation technologies in Australia.

This best practice approach will result in the development of a safe, integrated and scalable ecosystem that will advance sustainable aviation, drive economic outcomes, and increase community accessibility and engagement.

Sara Hales – Managing Director, AVISTRA | sara.hales@avistra.aero | 0434 570 152