Aviator Group joins Greenbird

Greenbird strengthens rotary wing aircraft expertise with Aviator Group

Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) industry collaboration platform, Greenbird, is excited to announce new founding ecosystem partner – Aviator Group.

To create regulatory certainty and an attractive landscape for investment, it is essential to build a partnership approach between industry and government to identify and address the various challenges the industry faces.

Bringing on board industry experts such as Aviator Group allows for partners to share expertise and capabilities and safeguard the success of the AAM ecosystem within Australia.

As a leading Australian operator of rotary wing aircraft, Aviator Group is well positioned to be an early user of emerging aviation technologies such as eVTOL aircraft.

Aviator Group is buoyed by the possibilities that Advanced Air Mobility will bring. To fully explore and commercialise the industry requires collaboration between industry partners. A clear focus on certification, flight testing, regulation, infrastructure, training, and technical support, underpinned by genuine use cases will be necessary to effectively ramp up the democratisation of helicopter flight and aerial mobility.

Led by trusted airport and aviation industry advisors, AVISTRA, Greenbird is dedicated to facilitating the entry of the AAM industry to Australia.

Bringing together international expertise and knowledge, and local supply chain partners, Greenbird will assist industry and government to work together to drive investment attraction, industry operationalisation and local capability.

Greenbird Director, Keith Tonkin said Queensland must move on AAM technology if it hopes to showcase innovative technology and leadership within the aviation and aerospace sector.

“We have an opportunity right now to leverage the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games to attract key investments that will set Queensland and Australia apart from the rest of the world,” he said.

For more information on Greenbird, please visit: greenbird.aero



Aviator Group has established itself as an industry leader in the provision of specialist helicopter services in Australia. Aviator Group operates a fleet of Airbus H135, Leonardo A109, and AS350 aircraft in the provision of Helicopter Marine Pilot Transfer (HMPT) services to the maritime industry. Aviator Group also undertakes Search and Rescue (SAR), executive helicopter charter and utility services to a diverse customer base. Aviator Group operates from multiple bases around Australia including Gladstone, Hay Point, Mackay, Port Hedland, and Newcastle.

Keith Thompson - Chief Operating Officer, Aviator Group | keith.thompson@auriga.com.au | 0406 744 777 | www.aviatorgroup.com.au


Greenbird is a team of world-leading aviation organisations and incredible Australian businesses, working together to support the establishment of Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) in Australia. Led by experienced and trusted aviation industry advisors, AVISTRA, Greenbird will facilitate collaboration between industry partners, research institutions and government to further the commercialisation of emerging sustainable aviation technologies in Australia.

This best practice approach will result in the development of a safe, integrated and scalable ecosystem that will advance sustainable aviation, drive economic outcomes, and increase community accessibility and engagement.

Sara Hales – Managing Director, AVISTRA | sara.hales@avistra.aero | 0434 570 152

Keith Tonkin - Managing Director, AVISTRA | ktonkin@avistra.aero | 0417 631 681