Swan River Seaplanes joins Greenbird

Tourism aircraft operator joins push for AAM development in Australia

Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) industry collaboration platform, Greenbird welcomes Perth-based tourism aircraft operator, Swan River Seaplanes.

Swan River Seaplanes is a luxury tour and transport operator based in Perth, Western Australia.

The team at Swan River Seaplanes have a focus on showcasing iconic tourism in and around the state of Western Australia. With changing aviation technology and a customer interest in climate change and the decarbonisation of air transport, Swan River Seaplanes has joined Greenbird, to secure a part in leading the development of Australia’s AAM industry.

With the addition of Swan River Seaplanes, Greenbird now has 14 ecosystem partners, including AVISTRA, Aviation Projects, Skyports (UK), Archerfield Airport Corporation, Griffith University, AMSL Aero, Nautilus Aviation, Aviator Group, h2 energy company, Electro.Aero, AvLogix Solutions, FlyFreely, and Sigma Aerospace.

Greenbird expects to announce additional partners in the coming weeks.

Greenbird Managing Director, Sara Hales said, “We welcome Swan River Seaplanes to the collaboration platform and are pleased to have another aircraft operator involved. Being an extension of aviation, the advanced air mobility industry and its associated establishment will be led by existing aircraft operators.”

She said, “AAM provides for much-needed progression towards the decarbonisation of flight, which is a key driver for eco-tourism products such as Swan River Seaplanes. Relatively simple use case scenarios like tourism joy flights present a valuable opportunity to demonstrate the safety and value of these emerging aviation technologies.”

Swan River Seaplanes Director, Dean Kingi said, “We see AAM as a crucial step in the future development of aviation in Australia.”

He said, “Joining Greenbird not only showcases our support of the industry, but it also provides us with the support needed from fellow aviation professionals. We want to be a part of the conversations leading up to the establishment and development of AAM in Australia, and Greenbird is how we achieve that.”

Led by trusted airport and aviation industry advisors, AVISTRA, Greenbird is dedicated to facilitating the entry and growth of the AAM industry in Australia.

For more information on Greenbird, please visit: greenbird.aero



Swan River Seaplanes is a luxury tour and transport operator based in Perth, Western Australia. Their award-winning flights and tours commence direct from the heart of Perth city and showcase the iconic cityscape and key landmarks providing a range of unforgettable experiences to visitors and locals alike.

For more information, please visit: www.swanriverseaplanes.com.au

Dean Kingi - Director, Swan River Seaplanes | dean@swanriverseaplanes.com.au | 08 9417 8005


Greenbird is a team of world-leading aviation organisations and incredible Australian businesses, working together to support the establishment of Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) in Australia. Led by experienced and trusted aviation industry advisors, AVISTRA, Greenbird will facilitate collaboration between industry partners, research institutions and government to further the commercialisation of emerging sustainable aviation technologies in Australia.

This best practice approach will result in the development of a safe, integrated and scalable ecosystem that will advance sustainable aviation, drive economic outcomes, and increase community accessibility and engagement.

Sara Hales – Managing Director, AVISTRA | sara.hales@avistra.aero | 0434 570 152